Alumni Foundation Sponsorships

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Continue Your Leadership Experience. Become a "Friend".

Alumni foundation sponsors help underwrite the cost of our annual community programs, educational, and social events and our community grants . The “Friend Sponsorship” is for those who would like to donate $225 to our program each year. All 2023 Friends, receive free admission to ALL LST events and contribute to the Community Grants program. 

The "Friend" sponsorship for 2023 is only $225 & INCLUDES:
current Alumni foundation sponsorships

2023 Friends Sponsors

  • Jose Balli
  • Amy Bouton
  • Robyn Brian
  • Kim Carver
  • Bradley Cook
  • Elizabeth Didier
  • Joyce Donahue
  • Richard Galloway
  • Ron Gitz
  • Marie Gregory
  • Bo Jakins
  • Mark Johnson
  • Paysse McWilliams
  • Meredith Mendez
  • Kirk Michel
  • Michael Mire
  • Gretchen Ockman
  • Caitlin Picou
  • Brandon Simoneaux
  • Janet Fabre Smith
  • Stephanie Smith 
  • David Spear
  • Michael Sprague
  • Amy Tucker
  • Mark Wright
Stay connected. Stay committed.

Become an Alumni "Friend"

Extend your leadership experience. Stay connected to your classmates and the hundreds of other Leadership St. Tammany alums by becoming a “Friend” sponsor. Enjoy free admittance to events and make a valuable contribution to the Leadership community grant program.