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Alumni foundation sponsors help underwrite the cost of our annual community programs, educational, and social events and our community grants . The “Super Friend Sponsorship” is for those who would like to donate $200 to our program this year. All 2020 Friends, 2021 Super Friends, and community grant donors receive free admission to LST events.

2021 Super Friend Sponsorship Includes:
current Alumni foundation sponsorships

2021 Super Friends Sponsors

  • Stephanie Berault
  • Jodi Canadas
  • Samantha Goodwin
  • Lauren Lee
  • Gretchen Ockman
  • Clint Ory
  • Rick Richard
  • Ross Richardson
  • Virginia Siera
  • Janet Fabre Smith
  • Susan Strain
  • Todd Whalley
  • Jeff Wilke 
  • Noble-Bates Young

2020 Friends Sponsors

  • Jose Balli
  • Bryan Burns
  • Jodi Canadas
  • Vincent Cangiamilla
  • Frank Carmelli
  • Alia Casborne
  • Jill Champagne
  • Joseph Chautin
  • Michael Cooper
  • Buffy Crawford-Singletary
  • Camilla Davis
  • Annette Dowdle
  • Janet Fabre Smith
  • Jenny Goodrow
  • Bo Jakins
  • Mark Johnson
  • Paula Kelly Meiners
  • Lauren Lee
  • Dominic Luke
  • Leslie Martin
  • Michael Mire
  • Paul Myers
  • Gretchen Ockman
  • Sue Osbon
  • Laurie Pennison
  • Dawn Powell
  • Ross Richardson
  • Leslie Robinson
  • Virginia Siriera
  • Michael Sprague
  • Jessie Stockton
  • Lindy Stonecypher
  • Susan Strain
  • Vincent Talazac
  • Kristie Thomas
  • Jennifer Trosclair
  • Keith West
  • Todd Whalley
  • Mark Wright
  • Noble-Bates Young
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Become an Alumni "Friend"

Extend your leadership experience. Stay connected to your classmates and the hundreds of other Leadership St. Tammany alums by becoming a “Friend” sponsor. Enjoy free admittance to events and make a valuable contribution to the Leadership community grant program.

Application Notice

Thank you for your interest in the Leadership St. Tammany Program. Applications are not available at this time, but will be available from January 1 through April 30. Please come back then.