Who We Are

Investing in the Future

The goal of Leadership St. Tammany is to help citizens increase their leadership skills and sense of community responsibility. Through group discussion, on-site exposure, and presentations from leaders in our community, participants are educated on various facets of our parish including government, business, and civic and cultural organizations. Our interactive curriculum helps individuals understand the ways that various civic branches of St. Tammany are connected.

By training citizens to have an intimate knowledge of their civic duty, we continue to ensure the vitality of our parish in a dynamic world. 

The 4 Pillars of Leadership Development

There are four primary goals for the Leadership St. Tammany curriculum:

Motivate participants to pursue leadership roles within the community


Create a committed network to utilize as a qualified leadership source​


Help participants identify and strengthen their individual leadership styles


Identify emerging community leaders and engage them in public affairs

Training Community Leaders

Leadership St. Tammany is an independent organization affiliated with Southeastern Louisiana University. Each year, our program trains approximately 30 emerging and established community leaders. These individuals come from diverse professional backgrounds including business, healthcare, government, the nonprofit sector, and community activists. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to participate in the Leadership St. Tammany Alumni Foundation (LSTAF).

Our History

Strengthening Our Parish from the Inside Out

Our organization was founded on the recognition that community success is dependent on quality leadership. In 1993, the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce decided that strengthening our parish started with leadership development from the inside out, and Leadership St. Tammany was born.  The organization was developed under the guidance of executive director Diane Winston along with board members Joanne Gallinghouse and Ed Dillard. As Winston took on a role in the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2002, Mark Johnson and Glen Villalobos stepped in as program directors. The organization remained under their leadership until 2014 when Mark Johnson assumed sole responsibility as director.

Since that transition, the effectiveness of Leadership St. Tammany is demonstrated by over 600 graduates who enact civic advancements within our parish.

Through our partnership with Southeastern Louisiana University, Leadership St. Tammany receives continuous access to resources and administrative support. This affiliation ensures that graduates of our program receive practical knowledge of both local needs as well as a heightened sense of responsibility for community improvement.

The Boards We Trust

Leadership St. Tammany is managed by two boards of directors. The board of trustees directs every aspect of our curriculum and continuing education of our graduates. The alumni foundation board manages the continued engagement of program alumni and the support of various community organizations.

Leadership St. Tammany Board of Trustees

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Leadership St. Tammany Alumni Foundation
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