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Our leadership program equips individuals to make positive change.

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Leadership St. Tammany is a ten-month program that offers participants a behind the scenes look into the inner workings of government, business, civic and cultural organizations throughout our Parish. The lives we live are informed and influenced by the communities we are a part of.  The best version of St. Tammany starts with leaders who dream of a better tomorrow, then wake up and create it. Leadership St. Tammany builds a stronger community from the inside out—protecting the life you love, and the people within it.


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The 4 Pillars of Leadership Development


Identify emerging community leaders and engage them in public affairs


Help participants identify and strengthen their individual leadership styles


Create a committed network to utilize as a qualified leadership source


Motivate participants to pursue leadership roles within the community

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The impact of our leadership program can be seen throughout St. Tammany Parish. Together, we are working to build a brighter tomorrow. 

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