Introducing the Class of 2023

Leadership St. Tammany introduced the members of its Class of 2023 at a reception and ceremony on Thursday, July 28, at The Greystone Venue in Mandeville.

Leadership St. Tammany Class of 2023

Those chosen for the program this year are representative of diverse backgrounds, professions, ages, accomplishments and length of residency in St. Tammany. The 32 members of the Class of 2023 are: Rene Arcemont, Tyler Bier, Jennifer Bondio, Brian Brown, Daniel Carter, Jr, Michael Conroy, Linda Couch, Matthew Donley, David Espey, Misty Fausnight, William Frosch, Anna Fuller, Sarah Gallaher, Erica Glory, Lisa Goodgion, Marie Gregory, Jesse Holcombe, Seu Hee Ledet, Troy Lyle, Glenn Martin, Elise McIver, Katie Norman, Jimmie O’Berry, Miranda Parker, Tennille Parris, Lance Rouquette, Yvette Roussel, Vanessa Schneider, Paul Swain, Jessica Valladares, Daniel Voelkel and Dana Whitaker