Leadership – Let’s Keep it Going! Graduates of Leadership St. Tammany are automatically members of The Leadership St Tammany Alumni Foundation (LSTAF), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to keeping graduates of the Leadership St Tammany program informed of current issues and inspiring them to remain involved with each other in addressing the needs of our growing community. LSTAF was established to help graduates implement and apply the fundamentals learned during the program, as well as open doors to hundreds of like-minded graduates from previous classes. Annual Leadership Foundation events make it easy to continue growing long after graduation. Our annual programs include a balance of content-driven events and social events (unfortunately many of these have been cancelled are postponed in 2021 due to COVID 19):
  • Leadership Breakfast in February
  • Crawfish Boil in March
  • Leadership Breakfast in October
  • Annual Holiday Party in December
These networking programs are just some of the benefits of LSTAF membership. Taking advantage of your membership keeps you engaged in Leadership St. Tammany and also keeps you abreast of important topics and issues in our community so you can continue to be involved as a leader! The 2021 Board of Directors of the LSTAF  
  • Susan Strain, President
  • Janet Fabre Smith, Vice President
  • Gretchen Ockman, Treasurer
  • Lauren Hebert Lee, Secretary
  • Vincent Cangiamilla, Past President
  • Jodi Canadas
  • Christine Foster
  • Melissa Maresma
  • Meredith Mendez
  • Ross Richardson
  • Leighanne Weeks
  • Jeff Wilke
  • Keitisha Young
  • Noble-Bates Young