Leading the Way

In 1993, the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce made a critical recognition: community success depends upon the quality and voluntary contributions of community leadership. In fact, bolstering the development of future leaders—those with a clear understanding of the total community system—emerged as the possible touchstone of St. Tammany’s advancement. And thus, Leadership St. Tammany was founded.

Now an independent organization strengthened through an affiliation with Southeastern Louisiana University, Leadership St. Tammany’s graduates hone invaluable skills as well as a heightened sense of responsibility and civic concern. In keeping with the program’s original intent, our goals include:

  • Identifying emerging community leaders and involving them in public affairs
  • Helping participants identify individual leadership styles and infuse innovative techniques
  • Creating an informed and committed network to utilize as a qualified leadership source
  • Motivating, encouraging and inspiring participants to pursue leadership roles in our community