A Message from The Directors and Chair


When selecting and planning for the Class of 2021, we hoped that our community would be moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and into Phase 3 with a greater reduction of Covid 19 cases and a decrease in the CDC restrictions on the size of gatherings and the social distancing required to interact with others. However, our reality is that Covid 19 will be impacting our lives in the upcoming weeks, months, and year. After evaluating our traditional plans for the Class retreat and the Leadership program experience based curriculum, with visits throughout the Parish during the year, and applying all the modifications required to comply with the CDC guidelines in Phase 2 and the unknown requirements of Phase 3, we have concluded that the CDC guidelines do not allow us to offer the class of 2021 to experience the Leadership program that over 600 graduates have enjoyed over the last 25 years. Also, the health of each class member, their family, workplace, and our community are of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we have arrived at the difficult decision that it would be best to postpone the class year until August of 2021 with the current Class of 2021 members becoming the Class of 2022. If a class member would prefer to withdraw from the program, we will arrange for a refund. Also, our valued sponsors will have a two year sponsorship for this year and next year.

We are committed to moving forward next year with the Leadership program and we will include some Covid 19 lessons learned to strengthen our leadership skills in our community and organizations. If you have any questions, you can respond directly to this email.


Camilla Q. Dufour and Mayor Mark Johnson, Program Directors

Jennifer Messina, Chairperson